Fun Shoot!

5:10:00 PM

Lately, my schedule has been pretty occupied with photo shoots. People think i'm not studying anymore. But hey, I do! I only have 3 subjects this term. Next term, I don't think I'll be doing these things anymore.Maybe yes but not as much as "monthly or weekly". I'm planning to be in Nerd-mode again. 

In the other hand, I still have my eye infection. Crap - Another black smokey eye for my eye look. :|


When you freaking FORGET to contour your nose -darn. It looks flat when the light consumes your face - tell me about photography. T.T

I still have another shoot next week but not for an Online shop. Then for Zie's shop, we will have our last shoot for September but this time I will be back again as the Make up artist. Whooooooooh! XD
Thanks Zie for the adventures!haha XD

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