Review: San San Concealer

6:59:00 PM

Do you have a fair or dark skin? Whatever skin color you have everyone should aim for that glowing look. I have watched and read a lot of videos and articles that talks about highlighting the face. And yes, i mean something that pops your upper cheeks and lifts your nose. I tried them all and so far the best result came from a cream.

I cannot say this is the best cream I ever tried but so far it would be working with me. 

I bought this from HBC for P130.  
According to the saleslady, this is the lightest shade they have - Natural.

It is very creamy. I only need few swipes and i'm on for the next step.
How i use this? First i put the cream over the bridge of the nose and on my eye bags. Afterwards, I blend with another concealer followed by  foundation. So in blending, make sure that the shade of the second concealer and foundation matches your skin so that this super light concealer will blend and give glow to you're face making you look like inlololove ♥ XD
Can you see where i applied the concealer? :P
In this look, i did the method i talked about a while ago. See?  She looks fresh even if  its 4pm  and we're dead tired from our trip. XD

 If you have questions, feel free to ask.:)

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  1. Thanks for the review I have never heard of this brand.

  2. Hi there! The product is available only in Philippines, i think. haha XD Anyway, thank you for reading.

  3. wow, this is pretty interesting! I have never tried any san san product just because there aren't HBC near our place. I've been searching for a nice concealer but in an affordable price and this does look like what I've been wanting! thanks for sharing and the great reviews =)

  4. You might as well try their matte foundation. :) and Thanks for reading! :*>


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