Featured Item: QueenB's Portable Travel Makeup Bag

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Our collection of cosmetic product is growing alongside the rapid rise of global cosmetic industry. Different brands and products are being introduced, and of course ladies, we might as well grab some for testing. With that, cosmetic bags are also a necessary addition.

A cosmetic bag or makeup bag keeps all our makeup in place. If you will travel with all these makeup stuff, it's the best bag to hold everything organized and neat. As common as they may seem, there are functions that should be considered in choosing the best bag.

QueenB makeup bag
First of All, you should decide whether your cosmetic bag is going to be large or portable enough to store all your makeup brushes and essentials. The QueenB's Portable Makeup bag capacity is ideal for people with many brushes.The bag has plenty of storage space where you can store other beauty products. 

It is constructed from a durable oxford nylon fabric. Besides durability, it is water proof and shake proof. 

Additional enclosures elongate the life of makeup brushes by shielding them from dirt, and dust. To add, it has a hard plastic cover that gives it an easy to clean nature. 

It's clapboards help you customize the compartment according to the size of your makeup. You can also remove the clapboards if you feel like storing other stuff other than makeup products like gadgets.

What I have is the Large Makeup Bag. As a freelance Makeup Artist, a bag as large as the one I have is truly helpful. I can carry more variety and even bring hair tools. I'll do a video on this soon! Going back, if you're they type who will travel with your vanity kit or who wants to give some of your babies they're own safe home, the Portable Travel Makeup Bag is going to be an awesome purchase.

This is a feature item in QueenB Online Store. Check it out! 

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