EOTD: Kat Von D Inspired

10:09:00 AM

I did a Kat Von D Inspired Make up for Viela two months ago. If you haven't seen the photos yet, click here. Moving on, i decided to make a photo tutorial for those interested to achieve the eye-look.

This eye look is BOLD and DRAMATIC. A lot of people make their versions of blue+purple+pink for night and party events.

Note: I know Viela's eye makeup doesn't look exactly the same with what i did here. I do some revisions depending  on the eye shapes and skin color.

Step 1: First, apply primer eye on eyes.
Step 2: Now take a shade of chestnut shimmery eye shadow and apply under the brow bone.
Step 3: Next, apply a pink color just below the chestnut followed by a violet or purple shade color.

Step 4: On the center lids, apply a dark green eye shadow.
Step 5: Now, apply dark blue on the outer-V of your eyes. Work it over your crease. 
Step 6: Lastly, apply a black eye shadow at the outer corners to darken the eye-look.
Step 7: Blend with a fluffy brush. I use my Beauty Cosmetic fluffy Brush.
Step 8: Line your upper lash line with Gel liner. Here, i just did a very very thin one. It's thickness depends on how dark you want your eye-look to be.
Step 9: Don't forget to apply Mascara!
Step 10: False eye lashes are optional.

ELF Eyelid Primer
ELF 100 palette
Sleek palette "Storm"
Fanny Seranno Gel eyeliner
Avon Mascara

That's it! What do you think?

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