Review: Ever Bilena Lip Liner

6:04:00 PM

This is my first lip liner. I bought one to see if filling the lips with it will make the lipstick last a bit longer. So here, i have my Ever Bilena Lip Liner in Red. Why red? I have this pale-warm skin tone and red lips make me look very sophisticated. 

Remember that in choosing a lip liner, make sure that the color is two shades darker than the lipstick. 


SWATCH: Blood Red shade

I don't know what happened with this. The color of this lip liner is somewhat BLOOD red and It looks pink here

With my Beauty Threat Lip gloss. Actually i LOVE that lip gloss,  it smells nice and tastes good. :)

I tried this Lip liner with my L.A girl lipstick in the shade of Luscious Red (picture soon). Both works together in terms of color. It gives that cold bloody red color. 

The huge problem is that  the whole lip-look did not last an hour. :( And when I ate a bread - all gone! Lip liner that will make the lipstick last a bit longer? It appears that it all depends on the product. 

Well, perhaps i should try again but this time will coat a translucent powder (claims to do wonders) and try another brand.

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