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Technology surely made shopping a lot easier. We can now browse through a wide selection of clothing, gadgets and even furniture in the comfort of our homes. I have shared with you my experience with BEAUTYMNL few weeks ago. Now, it's time to check out another marketplace Carousell.

The Carousell is a community marketplace that encourages everyone to sell items. It's not just plain selling, but it encourages us to make lists of items that we don't use anymore. Indeed, Carousell President Marcus Tan hit the nail on the head when he said that its a sustainable approach to buying and selling. Clear out the clutter!

This is how it looks on Mobile. There are different categories to make buying quicker and easier.

The Homepage
I made an account here using username JameilaB (Click the Link). It's really easy to register. It's simply filling up the information boxes and verify using your email. Presto! You can begin buying and posting items.

These are the products I sell in Carousell. All of them are brand new.
As a beauty blogger and freelance makeup artist, I buy loads of makeup and cosmetic tools and stuff. I then realized that I can get them a lot cheaper if I buy in good volume. Of course that means getting more than what I need. The excess items are now posted in Carousell

This marketplace creates an opportunity for anyone to sell items, whether used or brand new. It also allows people to like an item and track its availability. Lastly, you can inquire and receive inquiry. You will also receive email copies of your messages. It's easy! 

These are the items that I bought for myself <3
If you are one of those who prefer shopping online and haunt good deals, this application is for you. It is available in play store and you can download it for free. 

Thank you for reading :">

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