EOTD: Bigger eyes with Browns

7:08:00 PM

I am a fan of PROMISE PHAN, a popular makeup guru in youtube, I usually give her makeup tutorials a try. This one I made is based on her Barbie-inspired makeup tutorial. Actually, I already did this one on Zielah. It looks very Barbie indeed especially with huge dolly false eyelashes.

You might be wondering what the white thing  is. I put TAPE to serve as a guide to achieve sharp winged eye-makeup. 
Step 1. Prime your eyes so your makeup will last as long as possible.
Step 2. Next, Apply a matte brown over the lid extending it up on the crease. I use a fluffy brush. You may also use a crease brush.
Step 3. Take a shimmery brown color and apply over the lid with the first color still peeking.

Step 4. On the center lid, tap on some bronze color.
Step 5. Darken the look by applying black on the outer V.
Step 6. Apply a white color on the brow bone.
Step 6. Blend!

Step 7. With a pencil brush or any small brush, apply the brown in the inner half lower lash line and black on the outer half.
Step 8. Apply white eyeliner on your waterline.
Step 9. Lastly, Apply Mascara.

ELF Eyelid Primer
Sleek palette "Storm"
Nyx Jumbo Pencil "Milk"
Avon Mascara

Note. The only makeup I'm wearing here is the eye-makeup.  NO FOUNDATION even concealer. XD 

Like it? Let me know. XP

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