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Hello 2017!

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Have you heard of Maybelline's  year ender campaign? If not, it's #Makeithappen. This tagline of theirs gives a strong message to women, It inspires. You see, a lot of things are happening lately. Aside from political heat, a growing economy and others of that ilk, we have a journey to make. The goal of that journey is to promote not only growth in our career or life status, but also spiritually. Whatever it is that brings goodness, #Makeithappen.

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And by the way, if you are the type who is into planners, you might wanna check out Maybelline's.
Aside from being affordable as a free item for every P 1,000 worth of Maybelline beauty products, it's a great kickoff and monitoring agent. It's absolutely adorable. <3

You see, I find planners a great way to remind us of our goal and to keep track of them. And it is a matter of getting used to all the planning and taking down notes every now and then, Soon it will be a part of the routine.

Well again, Happy New Year and everybody. May the Lord's in our lives be done.

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review of revlon

Review: Revlon Photoready Cream Blush

9:43:00 PM

For someone with a huge square face, I'm not really into blushes. I prefer countouring my face than emphasizing my cheek bones. Blush and contour actually go hand in hand, but I don't want to go full makeup especially during field work. Sayang makeup.  

I got myself a cream blush from Revlon just because it's on sale. Got it for P 150. And though it's really cheap, I don't think it's a steal for the shade I got. hahah :( I don't swatch when I buy makeup. I simply pick up stuff so that explains a number of regrets.

Net weight: 12.4 grams

The shade is Pinch which is the lightest shade.It's super light that it barely show up. I believe it will stand out on pale skin and if you're looking for a more natural finish. My reason for picking it up is the shade or color of the product by the packaging. I assumed that it is a vibrant peachy color. Pati sa pagbili ng makeup, assumera pa rin ako. So ayan, regret. 

When it comes to the packaging, you'll find it un hygienic to dip your fingers. 

Lastly, the product is silicon based that means it is less likely to oxidise or change in color. Not only that, it fills up the imperfection of the skin creating smooth texture. The bad news is that it keeps not only the moisture of the face, it also keeps the dirt and bacteria.

Am I still using it? Yes. The product has a light shimmer so I use it to add glow on my skin. I haven't tried the other shades that are wearable so I won't say that won't purchase again.

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Review: Revlon Absolute Radiance Two Way Powder

11:09:00 PM

I bought some Revlon products to try out and here goes the first and only star of the items that I bought - It's the Revlon Absolute Radiance Two-Way powder foundation. I got it for sale at P 400 that is originally priced for P 1,000.  Hooray for sale! :) Again, as mentioned in my previous post, I bought the product from the Revlon counter in Farmers plaza in Cubao.

Net weight: 9.1 grams
Expiration: 12 M

The shade I got is 140 Natural Orcher

It comes with a sponge.

Let's talk about coverage. The product gives an amazing and flawless finish. What's more amazing is that it delivers medium to full coverage. With one swipe, you get a lot of product that is build-able It doesn't cake and is great for touch ups too. Ladies and gentlemen, a foundation that is true to its words- an absolute radiance. Bravo! 

I kept mentioning about my work. As a field engineer, believe me, ang lakas maka itim. Also, the tremendous heat is making me look like I went to war - and I surely kept saying this too. hahah. That entails why I kept looking for a miracle worker. And yes, the brightening properties are a lot of help.

FOTD: Featuring Revlon Absolute Radiance

So do I like it? I love it <3 Instant fairness. I'm giving this product a 5/5. 

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Haul: Revlon is on SALE!

11:07:00 AM

Boyfriend and I are on our way to Gateway for dinner and passed by a Revlon counter in Farmers. I immediately noticed the price board so I instantly went to check. They are on sale! :) I get to try some of their products without really hurting my pocket. 

Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator
P 175

Revlon Cream Blush
P 150

Colorstay Moisture Stain
P 250

Absolute Radiance Two-Way Powder Foundation

P 400

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Brow Pencil

Review: San San Brow Pencil

2:02:00 AM

Whenever I'm in a hurry, I skip a few routines such as foundation. Of all the routines, I believe one that should not be missed is fixing of brows. The brow is said to be the frame of the face. It gives a neat look  despite the bareness of the other parts of the face.

Is it easy? Everyone uses different ways of filling their brows - some uses powders and some uses solely pencil. As for me, I use pencil alone especially when I'm running late. I just brush off the excess product with a spoolie or a cotton bud.

Its cap is also a sharpener.

Before I became a busy person, I was a student with a lot of time to polish my brows. Now that I work for more than 8 hours and has an early call time, I simply grab my San San pencil in Light brown.

What I love about this product is that it is affordable and yet pigmented. Well, why would you go for something expensive and just go through an immense volume of pollution and sweat? As a field engineer, it is challenging to maintain a full makeup. Also, it's not practical to apply pricey products that I'll just wipe off when I got all sweaty. 

With this product, I skip the part of filling my brows with powder. It's pigmented to the point that you can brush the excess product making it look more natural.

Shape your brow and underline the underside of your brow. It should be precise. Lightly line the top of your brows. Brush it with a spoolie! Or fill with brow powder. 

Brush it with a spoolie! Or fill with brow powder. 

That's if for my daily brow routine. :)

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Ever Bilena

Review: Ever Bilena Advance Liquid Lipstick

1:36:00 PM

Hi there! I'm back with a new found love. I don't think I feature a lot of lipstick here though I have a lot. And in that case of course, I never had a liquid lipstick review. This one is a first :).  

So I got here an Ever Bilena Advance Liquid Lipstick in the shade Pink Pearl. I have used their matte lipsticks before but it feels  dry and will require some moisturizing. But don't get me wrong, I love their matte lipsticks! 

It's a great thing that EB now came up with a liquid lipstick that gives a cream finish and can be a matte by blotting with a tissue paper. The great part is they are affordable at P 180. Oh di ba, budget friendly. 

Net weight: 5ml
Expiration: 24 M

The packaging is consist of a white plastic twist cap tube with a doe-foo applicator.

The product is super pigmented. It stays for long hours even after drinking or eating. Is it transfer proof? Not really. You have to let it dry or blot first. I believe it is the staining power that is excellent. 

I'm wearing the liquid lipstick on the right portion of my upper and lower lips. See how pigmented the liquid lipstick is? It is really impressive.

The product glides smoothly on the lips  and you can apply it even without moisturizing. 

Is it worth buying? Yes. I'm already planning to purchase the other 5 shades.

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cream eyeshadow

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Shadow

1:38:00 AM

The search for a long wearing makeup never stops. There are maybe hundreds of brands to choose from but only few can provide that amazing color pay off without fallout and that doubles as base too. Is it really a great product for 24 hours? Of course it is not recommendable to allow makeup to sit on the face for a day. I guess it's meant to last for 24 hours.

The Maybelline tattoo eye shadow is not the "new thing" in the makeup market. Despite the reviews and the great hype for years already, it was just few months ago that I purchased one. First, I have been used to eye powders for too long. Lastly, if I have to make it pigmented I will just apply an eye primer or eye pencil as base.

Here is what Maybelline says about their product:
“Dare to wear 24HR shadow.
• Ink technology creates 24HR wear shadow for our most intense, long-lasting color saturation
• Cream formula glides on without creasing and keeps color vibrant
• Ophthalmologist-tested.  Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers”

This cream-to-gel mixture makes it easier to apply. You can use your fingers in applying the product.
No fall outs! :)

At the back, you will see the manufacturing date. Oh di ba, 2014 pa pala kaya naka sale na. hahaha

Here's an EOTD look using the Maybelline Color Tattoo

Field work is a plain thing to me now. I go to places to inspect septic tanks/treatment plants and it's not a walk in park wherein I won't sweat. A minute outside is like baking yourself in a 50 degree Celsius heat. And to make one step forward is a major sweating event. My makeup has to sit well on my face. If you notice, my eye makeup featuring the Maybelline tattoo eyeshadow gives that vibrant color all throughout the day.

This is a great purchase. I think I'll buy some more of these. So yeah, a big hype for this product.

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Review: Maybelline Hypersharp

11:24:00 PM

For some, eyeliners are essential for creating that dramatic eye look. As for me, I love to do a thick sharp line until I got a comment from a friend of mine that I overdo this whole fashion and makeup thing. Okay, so he doesn't like girls with a pageant makeup and killer heels and I’m so affected - it breaks my heart. haha 

Point taken. For a makeup lover, it’s a natural thing to put on that great makeup even if I’m only to grab a few items from the market. I agree that it’s too much for simple activities but it’s also another way of putting your makeup for a road test. He wouldn't understand of course but I understand that he has his preferences.

The goal now is to lessen products a little bit. So I started opting for an eyeliner that will create precise wings. Maybelline provided the answer with its Hypersharp Wing Liquid Liner in 0.5g.

Long Lasting and Waterproof

I love this eyeliner. The super fine felt tip can do from thin to think lines. Plus it is well pigmented and can be intensified by few more swipes. 

Does it last all day? Yes. The staying power is quite impressive. It sets immediately, transfer proof, does not fade and waterproof. However, it tends to flake when you rub your eyes. One time I fell asleep with my head bowed leaning on the car window. When I woke up, the wings of the eyeliner are almost smudged and gone. 

I bought this for sale. If i remember it right, it cost 299 pesos. This could lasts you 4 months.

Do I recommend this eyeliner? Yes. It's definitely worth the buy.


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Review: Loreal True Match Foundation

11:17:00 PM

L'Oreal released their reformulated True Match foundation. Of course, we've heard a lot of hypes on original True Match Foundation so the expectation for the reformulated one is kinda greater. 

If I remember it correctly, I bought them during the Sale week in SM for P 400.

The foundation comes in a squarish and sturdish glass bottle with a pump.
The two (2) shades that I got are N3 Nude Vanilla and G1 Gold Ivory. The one I always use is the Gold Ivory. It suits me best.

First and foremost, I want to inform you that this foundation has shimmers. It's not too much, just enough to give you a dewy look when skin is dry and under cold conditions; and sweaty when oily and humid. It's not everyday that you get good cold office conditions. If you commute a lot and you travel by series of Jeepneys and full packed train then I would say this will upset you.

There was this one time, when I went out to conduct site inspection. One of my technicians told me that I'm all sweaty when I'm not. I went to check and realized that this whole glitter/shimmer thing is emphasizing all the oils on my face. 

Okay. So I got two foundations that I cannot use when I'm out on the field. What I do is to apply them around my eye circles and tap with powder foundation. I don't apply on the T-zone area of my face as I look like a living grease ball.

The coverage is lightweight and very nice but you do have to powder set it.

I believe this foundation will work best under good weather conditions or in air conditioned places! hahaha Do I like the product? Still yes but with reservations. :)  For field work, I'll be grabbing my all time favorite Revlon Colorstay.

How about you? What's your foundation story?

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2016 Starter Haul ♥

12:18:00 AM

I actually bought the items below last month. Anyway, I'm looking for products that are kind of sweat proof and good under extreme conditions. From my previous post, I mentioned that I do field work now. Most of the time, I get all sweaty from the insufficient ventilation in sewage treatment facilities. It's definitely hot.

The products I bought are from Maybelline and Loreal. Loreal released their new liquid foundation and so I bought two shades to test whether they will work great on me or not. 

On the other hand, I have been using Maybelline powder foundation for months now. I realized, during field work, my face easily becomes oily. Right now, I'm thinking if I'll try another brand.

I'll do in-depth reviews on the products. :) See you soon

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Hello February 2016!

12:43:00 AM

I know I have been away for too long. It's not unusual. Every year I say the same thing (hahaha :P) Well, you know how life can be tougher than usual right?

Let me start this year with a little of what I did. And yes, it's not really something to know, but this will give you an idea why I opt for a different fashion now.

I first worked for Emerson and transferred to a waste water company. That is from sleepless nights to overflowing human waste. No. I don't clean comfort rooms. I design treatment for any types of waste water and that would mean a dirty job literally. The thing is, Field work is making my hair "malagkit" and skin darker. And i'm getting these breakout from all the dirt. Lastly, I can't use my heels.

Apparently, this year is a year of blowing my mind with the kinetics of microbes - that's actually fine but the part where I can't wear all those cute dress and curl my hair isn't.

So follow me as I engineer waste water in style. <3

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