Review: Maybelline Hypersharp

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For some, eyeliners are essential for creating that dramatic eye look. As for me, I love to do a thick sharp line until I got a comment from a friend of mine that I overdo this whole fashion and makeup thing. Okay, so he doesn't like girls with a pageant makeup and killer heels and I’m so affected - it breaks my heart. haha 

Point taken. For a makeup lover, it’s a natural thing to put on that great makeup even if I’m only to grab a few items from the market. I agree that it’s too much for simple activities but it’s also another way of putting your makeup for a road test. He wouldn't understand of course but I understand that he has his preferences.

The goal now is to lessen products a little bit. So I started opting for an eyeliner that will create precise wings. Maybelline provided the answer with its Hypersharp Wing Liquid Liner in 0.5g.

Long Lasting and Waterproof

I love this eyeliner. The super fine felt tip can do from thin to think lines. Plus it is well pigmented and can be intensified by few more swipes. 

Does it last all day? Yes. The staying power is quite impressive. It sets immediately, transfer proof, does not fade and waterproof. However, it tends to flake when you rub your eyes. One time I fell asleep with my head bowed leaning on the car window. When I woke up, the wings of the eyeliner are almost smudged and gone. 

I bought this for sale. If i remember it right, it cost 299 pesos. This could lasts you 4 months.

Do I recommend this eyeliner? Yes. It's definitely worth the buy.


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