Review: San San Brow Pencil

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Whenever I'm in a hurry, I skip a few routines such as foundation. Of all the routines, I believe one that should not be missed is fixing of brows. The brow is said to be the frame of the face. It gives a neat look  despite the bareness of the other parts of the face.

Is it easy? Everyone uses different ways of filling their brows - some uses powders and some uses solely pencil. As for me, I use pencil alone especially when I'm running late. I just brush off the excess product with a spoolie or a cotton bud.

Its cap is also a sharpener.

Before I became a busy person, I was a student with a lot of time to polish my brows. Now that I work for more than 8 hours and has an early call time, I simply grab my San San pencil in Light brown.

What I love about this product is that it is affordable and yet pigmented. Well, why would you go for something expensive and just go through an immense volume of pollution and sweat? As a field engineer, it is challenging to maintain a full makeup. Also, it's not practical to apply pricey products that I'll just wipe off when I got all sweaty. 

With this product, I skip the part of filling my brows with powder. It's pigmented to the point that you can brush the excess product making it look more natural.

Shape your brow and underline the underside of your brow. It should be precise. Lightly line the top of your brows. Brush it with a spoolie! Or fill with brow powder. 

Brush it with a spoolie! Or fill with brow powder. 

That's if for my daily brow routine. :)

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