Ever Bilena

Review: Ever Bilena Lip pencils and eye pencil

3:53:00 AM

Today's the official start of my vacation. No more exams nor deadlines. Finally, I could spend some time blogging. To start, i'll be showing you my new favorites. These are pencils from the brand Ever Bilena. I bought an ever bilena lip pencil before but in different packaging and much cheaper. Additionally, it's more dry than the new ones. On the other hand, I also bought an eye pencil in white.

P 100 for a 12 cm pencil

Shades in Cappuccino, Burgundy and white


The products are pigmented. I love how they look when worn. The colors are strong. You could actually apply one alone without lipstick. In addition, for dry lips like mine, I apply first Carmex Lip moisturizer. With that, it would give an easier application. 

Here's a photo of model Mharyel wearing a lip liner in Cappuccino followed by Ever bilena lipstick in Mauvey (shade of brown).

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artist studio brush

Review: Artist Studio Brushes

3:02:00 PM

Hello Mapua's Finals Week! It means zombie week for me. Sabi nga, ang tulog nababawi pero ang grades hindi.  That's one good thought to fuel me up. Well, before I solve this particle problems on hand, let me take a break and show you my Artist Studio brushes. I just love them! 

I remember being hesitant in buying these brushes. They're cheap and I instantly assumed that that goes the same for quality but no. As mentioned in my previous previous post, I bought them merely because they were standing beside the shelves of VS irons. Conversely, they're totally pretty and soft and i can't leave the Trinoma Mall without them.

I love that the handles of the brushes are long. Much longer than my Beauty Cosmetics brushes. Another thing, they don't shed. I am really amazed that they don't. Some of my Beauty Cosmetics brushes are shedding up to this date and I'm thinking of throwing them.

Powder brush P99.75

Angle Brush P79.75

Blending brush P69.75

Eyeliner brush P49.75

Eyeshadow Brush P49.75

Not an artist studio brush. P29.75

These brushes are love! I think I can stay single for another year and just spend quality time with my makeup and brushes. #Vanityproblems. Anyway, i'm buying more brushes from this line. I recommend you try them too! 

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Curling iron

Review: VS Sassoon iPink 32 mm 2 in 1 straightener and curling iron

6:24:00 PM

In my previous post, I mentioned that I bought an iron. Specifically, I bought VS Sassoon iPink 32 mm 2 in 1 straightener and curling iron. I badly need it. I have scheduled photo shoots and upcoming events that requires beautiful curls. Today, let me show you how it the product works.

This curling iron sells for P2,699.75.
I like that this product styles in two ways. Also, as mentioned in the box, it heats up instantly for 60 seconds and it has 25 heat settings.

See the triangle? Below is a scroll to adjust the heat settings. In the manual, there is a temperature setting guide where thin hair type corresponds to temperature control of 1 to 8; average thick hair of 9 to 14; thick wavy hair of 15 to 20; and heard to style of 21 to 25.
From the manual, the barrel of the iron has a easy glide tourmaline ceramic coated surface. The said surface also helps smooth down flyaways and frizzies while curling.

For straightening the hair, release to open the locking mechanism at cool tip. From the manual, it says that the plates of the iron have extra smooth surface, for maximum straightening performance. The ceramic surface also helps smooth down flyaways and frizzies. As you smooth each strand, heat is evenly distributed so that the style you create has a salon perfect, silky smooth. shining finish.

This iron is love! I get to have big curls for just few minutes. The iron heats quickly and it's perfectly creating bouncy curls without drying my hair. Furthermore, when my natural wavy hair grows back I would simply use the straightener. I would not be pressured to get an immediate Rebond treatment. On the other note, this iron has a two year warranty. 

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artist studio brush

Haul: November 2013

8:16:00 PM

The brushes from artist studio brand are greatly recommended in the blog sphere. I kept seeing them on blogs for months but I didn't earned any interest of buying one until I saw them in actual. Originally, my objective for going to Landmark Trinoma was to buy myself a curling iron. Few steps from the iron shelves are these babies. For my haul:

The brush handle is long and the color pink adds attraction.
I lost the angle brush during a photo shoot. It's new and it is depressing that I lost it that quick. I don't know if it fell some place else since it can't be found in the studio or if someone with us took it. Actually, I lost a number of products like eyeliner and final powder. 

Sponges for P 139.75

Makeup Cleansing Tissues for P29.75

Velcro for P19.75
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Photoshoot: ZILA Couture December 2013

4:21:00 PM

I just posted Zielah's November collection yesterday and now say hello to her December collection! :) 

Eki, model and a close friend, is back. I missed doing shoots with her. Good thing she made herself available last week. Yey. Anyway we are introducing a new model Miss Mharyel T. Her photos to follow eki's.

Model: Eki Torreda
Makeup Artist: Jam Bitoon
Photography: Juwen Quilaneta

Model: Mharyel Tapia
Makeup Artist: Jam Bitoon
Photography: Juwen Quilaneta

Feel free to browse and buy clothes from Zielah's page. 

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Photoshoot: ZILA Couture November 2013

3:25:00 PM

Been gone for a while. As usual, it's always school stuff . But of course, when it comes to photo shoots I would find me some time. It is my blog that will do some waiting. :)

Last month, we conducted a photo shoot for Zielah's online shop.We had Viela M. as model, Jude Ricaforte Jr as photographer and me as MUA. 

From left to right: Viela, Jameila, Zielah

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Review: San San Age Defense 2 Way Cake

1:54:00 AM

Today's weather is bad. The wind is strong and it's definitely dark. Despite the bad look and media warnings, I'm still thinking of going out because we have a church service by 7:30 pm. There's Saturday and Sunday services however I fear that this whole bad weather will be worst by tomorrow. With that, I really wanted to push the idea of attending later. #Bad typhoon Yolanda

Moving on, I use my San San Age Defense 2 Way Cake in 02 whenever the sky is dark or it's rainy. Originally, I bought this product to serve as my daily foundation. Unfortunately, when I read at the packaging "Caution: This product contains an alpha hyroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn"  I was like "I should have read the description of the product first before buying it". Why would I use a product that would cause me sunburn? To give my money justice, this one is definitely going to be my rainy season foundation. 

Price: 159 Pesos
Net weight: 0.35 oz/10g

The packaging is appealing. The cover is in shiny blue. Additionally, it has a mirror and a useless sponge. The sponge can't pick up product.

The foundations is best when applied with wet sponge. It gives a light and matte coverage so expect that it cannot cover blemishes and the like. On the bright side, it doesn't cake. To add, It will work great for me since I'm opting for a natural look. If only the product would not increase the possibility of sunburn, then I would probably make it a daily foundation product. 

That's it! :)

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