Review: Ever Bilena Lip pencils and eye pencil

3:53:00 AM

Today's the official start of my vacation. No more exams nor deadlines. Finally, I could spend some time blogging. To start, i'll be showing you my new favorites. These are pencils from the brand Ever Bilena. I bought an ever bilena lip pencil before but in different packaging and much cheaper. Additionally, it's more dry than the new ones. On the other hand, I also bought an eye pencil in white.

P 100 for a 12 cm pencil

Shades in Cappuccino, Burgundy and white


The products are pigmented. I love how they look when worn. The colors are strong. You could actually apply one alone without lipstick. In addition, for dry lips like mine, I apply first Carmex Lip moisturizer. With that, it would give an easier application. 

Here's a photo of model Mharyel wearing a lip liner in Cappuccino followed by Ever bilena lipstick in Mauvey (shade of brown).

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