Review: Artist Studio Brushes

3:02:00 PM

Hello Mapua's Finals Week! It means zombie week for me. Sabi nga, ang tulog nababawi pero ang grades hindi.  That's one good thought to fuel me up. Well, before I solve this particle problems on hand, let me take a break and show you my Artist Studio brushes. I just love them! 

I remember being hesitant in buying these brushes. They're cheap and I instantly assumed that that goes the same for quality but no. As mentioned in my previous previous post, I bought them merely because they were standing beside the shelves of VS irons. Conversely, they're totally pretty and soft and i can't leave the Trinoma Mall without them.

I love that the handles of the brushes are long. Much longer than my Beauty Cosmetics brushes. Another thing, they don't shed. I am really amazed that they don't. Some of my Beauty Cosmetics brushes are shedding up to this date and I'm thinking of throwing them.

Powder brush P99.75

Angle Brush P79.75

Blending brush P69.75

Eyeliner brush P49.75

Eyeshadow Brush P49.75

Not an artist studio brush. P29.75

These brushes are love! I think I can stay single for another year and just spend quality time with my makeup and brushes. #Vanityproblems. Anyway, i'm buying more brushes from this line. I recommend you try them too! 

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