The Author

Jameila commonly called "Jam” is a 26 year old Chemical Engineering graduate from Mapúa Institute of Technology (MIT) now known as Mapua University.  She currently works as Wastewater Engineer performing miraculous conversion of wastewater to clear water. The contrast? Just like everybody else, her passion is to paint herself with stunning colors. 

And no, don't get me wrong. Green projects are awesome, but an adventure on beauty and makeup discoveries fill the gap between the neurons and pores. It's also a good break from city pollution, energy-draining career and most importantly fast aging skin.

This adventure will be a search for great products that will address our stress without hurting our savings. Why stress? Of course, you can't frown when you look dead gorgeous and without economical damage. 

The Birthing of her Passion for Fashion and Makeup

In 2010, she became a writer for the official school publication The New Builder. As part of the feature section, she assisted the publication's official photographer in photo shoots for COED column ("IT" girl of the University). Eventually she gained experience in directing, conceptualizing and makeup. 

She realized that a good escape from a world of numbers is a blog about random things that are pink and cute. She then decided to start a beauty blog and shifted her spare-me-your-time attention to makeup. Her beauty adventure began. ♥  

For someone whose life is between books and pillow, color is another world to live in. Let's have this adventure together!  
 Disclaimer: "All reviews here are based on my personal experience and research. They are not sponsored unless stated". 

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