REVIEW: San San Blush On Age defense

11:32:00 AM

Some are not into blush but it can be your beauty secret. What you need to do is find the right color. How? simply SELECT the color that resembles the natural glow of your cheeks. Afterwards, consider the type of blush you're going to use whether powder or cream. Mine is in powder because i have oily skin.

It was sort of trial and error for me when choosing the appropriate color. I tried 2 different colors both from San san cosmetics.

They have 3 shades given in number. Number 01, i think, is coral in color. It works better for me than the pink one which is 03. I look so fake in pinks.  Anyway, i didn't get 02 because the sales lady told me there's not much difference with 03. 

P50 each - S.A.L.E price

What i don't like? Poor casing. I'm not talking about the appearance of packaging but how it supports the product. I went home last two weeks via bus. Surprisingly, i got home with the product pulverized. I don't remember bumping on someone or what. After some day, i got fine powder - Shock sensitive? XD Noting I haven't used that much. And the product was like 3 weeks old.Geez. O.o

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