REVIEW: L.A Girl Matte

10:47:00 PM

Another product i bought from L.A Girl cosmetic line is their matte lipstick. At first, i thought that the shade was not indicated. All i can read from the label is "LIPM328 Matte Brandy" followed by the bar code. When i looked at my receipt, it says "LA Girl lipstick Matte Purple Pas" (But I don't think it is purple. It is more of a brownish red). So I bought two more, and from there i observed and found that the shade was really the one after the lip code. XD


  • Great pigmented color. You could have a matte colored lips in few swipes.
  • Cheap matte lipstick for P99! Well i got it for sale XD lucky me (originally P219).
  • Looks great with people from fair to white complexion
  • Packaging is bad. You should be very careful in opening the cap or you'll end up with a deformed lipstick.
  • Staying is power is not so great. I think, i do retouching every 3-4 hours.

NOTE: Lipstick sale is until this week only.XD

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