My 2nd Brush Set: Beauty Cosmetics

7:34:00 PM

The right tool brings the right outcome. And yes! a makeup brush set is essential to achieving a natural and glamorous look. This help create a smooth, precise and flawless look. Only make sure that you buy or select soft ones. 

Well, I have been looking for a new set of brush. And it was March when i first saw the facebook page of Beauty Cosmetics selling . I was staying at the province then and waited for April to come back at Manila. Anyway, i really love how the brushes look so i bought the set. X)

Comes with a bubble wrap.

The brush bag is so cute♥  

 It is a belt type brush bag which I adore. My first brush set takes some ribbon making to close. >.<

Here are the brushes .All of them are 6-7" in length. Each one is soft and some comes with a brush guard. Yey! So no more additional buying to make.  .
Here's a closer look on the stippling brush. This 7"2 inches brush is used for stippling foundation onto the skin for a more airbrushed finish. Unfortunately, I have used it more than twice now and it just kept on shedding.  :(

The stippling brush looks so gorgeous. Compared to others, i think this one is a lot thinner. Still, i love it XD

Powder brush. This one used to apply loose powder to set the foundation and concealer.You may also use it for dusting out excess makeup product. Furthermore, it is very fluffy and huge. I was actually amazed by how big it is because my older powder brush is sort of slim. 

Foundation Brush. It is flat and has long bristles that taper at the tips. 

And the cutest of all! Pink kabuki It's very soft. This one is great also for applying powder evenly. 

Other brushes. Includes lip brush, crease brush, concealer brush, eye shadow brush, angle brush, blending brush and larger eye shadow brush. (Note: I named them according to how i used them. They were not individually labeled nor named on the page.)

These brushes are smaller than my first one. But i think they're GREAT XD I love how soft they are. I'm so excited to use them on clients. After my exams, probably i'll be playing around these new babies. 

For only P 1150 at Beauty Cosmetics. Click Link to Check out their other products!X)

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