Review: Fanny Serrano Gel Liner

4:46:00 PM

  Hi Ladies! I'm up for another review. 

Today's product is Fanny Serrano (FS) Gel Liner in Black. I have been using liquid eyeliners for a very long time. It gives a very dark and bold line for eyes which looks great on pictures.The problem with liquid eyeliners is when you have a monolid eye type (Asian eyes - when the line above your eye almost touches the top lash).  Since they have a little area for lid, the liquid liner ( which dries for some time) will tend to mess up over the crease as it folds. 

Well i do not have a monolid eyes but since i often do makeup for "singkits" i have to keep in touch with a gel liner. Gel liner dries faster. You  can also achieve a thin line with the brush and make it bolder by reapplying. What's great about this is you can smudge it to get a smokey look. For classic smokey, you apply over the lid, a little smudging plus brown colors and you're good. :) 

Going back, hello FS gel liner!

It comes with an instruction

It has a cover when you open it and a brush with good use!  

It isn't that much but since it is very pigmented, a little amount goes a very very long way.   

I just tapped the brush twice and here's what i got. You can intensify the color by simply reapplying.

 Easily removed by makeup remover, facial cleanser and smudging. 
The only problem I have with this gel liner is that it isn't smudge proof.  If you rub your eyes, surely it will also be rub off.  For those who sweats a lot, i tried applying it on my arms which gets sweaty when hot and voila!Gone! XD haha

Anyway, i still lololoveeeee it!I'll be repurchasing

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