EOTD: Classy brown

1:31:00 PM

I have been doing random eye makeup looks. It makes me feel very random and I don't like it. So I decided why not have a theme? Or batch per batch theme. With that, I will start with elements and today I'll do EARTH. :) Cross fingers haha

1. Prime your eyes then apply Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk.
2. Apply a matte brown eye shadow eye shadow all over the lid up to the crease.
3. Apply a back color through the crease and BLEND.
4. Apply a shimmery gold eyeliner at your upper lash line followed by a black eyeliner. Make sure that the gold one is still peeking out.
5. On your waterline, apply a black eyeliner and eye shadow at the lower lash line.
6. Coat with mascara!


Does it look very EARTHY?

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me. :) I started the day studying and will end it writing. So much work to do. :( I guess this day is all about wisdom and work. haha XD

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