EOTD: Simple Dating Inspired

5:47:00 PM

It's ironic for me to do a Dating inspired eye makeup when in fact I'm single and not dating haha XD Oh well. I really do feel like making it :) 

1. Prime your eyes then apply NYX jumbo pencil in Milk.
2. Apply a white eye shadow over the lid followed by a pink color through the crease. 
3. Then through the crease, apply a very thin brown color or draw perhaps a line using a brown eyeliner or brow pencil (soften a bit).
4. Blend softly.
5. Get a brown eyeliner and apply on your water line and a brown eye shadow on your lower lash line.
6. Apply a liquid eyeliner or any type of black eyeliner.
7. Coat lashes with Mascara.


Sorry that my eyeliner has to be messy. As always, I rush things out since I still have tons of concept to study. As a chemical engineering student,it gives me the pain of being incapable of blogging everyday. XD yeah. :P

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