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3:17:00 PM

After so many weeks, I finally found the time to make a new post. Hurray! I just wanted to share my favorite pencil and liquid eyeliners. 

I have been using Ever Bilena liquid and pencil eyeliners for decades (exaggerating :P). From the first time I tried these babies, I have not gain interest in trying out other brands. Of course, there is an exception for my Fanny Serrano gel liner since it is a gel liner. 

EB Liquid Eyeliner - P150
EB Eyeliner Pencil - P65

The EB  liquid eyeliner has a triangular tip which I prefer in making a Cat eye look.

Both products are very pigmented. The liquid one gives you a bold black I often use in  dramatic or even K-pop looks.  Meanwhile, the eyeliner pencil is pigmented to the point that it only takes one or two application.

When  subjected to SMUDGE TEST

When subjected to WATER TEST.

The liquid eyeliner definitely is long lasting and is water proof. It's hard to remove. Often, I end up scraping it. The pencil eyeliner on the other hand, retains its dark pigmented color good for hours also. Just avoid to rub your eyes. 

Just sharing! Thanks for reading :)

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