Review: Ever Bilena BB Cream

12:47:00 PM

I have been using BB cream because it is time consuming to apply loads of makeup on my face. The  one I am using is the Ever Bilena BB Cream in shade Natural. The sales lady told me that it is the only shade left and that the color is much lighter when applied (As I asked her for a lighter one). And yes! It really is lighter so you really have to blend it well. 

In applying, I use my hands. I think it is much more effective than using sponge. When I used a sponge, the cream is building up like crazy. It made me look like "I'm wearing too much product on my face and I know you noticed!"

As stated at the back, this product is foundation, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing cream in one. This cost me P195. Not bad.

Packaging is cute. Very girly indeed.

I got their only shade in Natural. 

To add, the product is in tube packaging with a small opening. I transferred the cream in a bottle with pump. I really prefer pumping than twisting the cap.

I love the consistency of the product. It looks very flawless. It is build-able. In applying, make it quick because it dries fast. Also, it sticks on my face nicely. On another note, I have an oily face so I set with a powder. Overall, I love the product.  I use this every time I go out. No breakouts. Thumbs up! :)

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