Review: San San Matte Foundation

2:30:00 PM

Since I wanted to find a cheap but quality foundation, I opted for San San Matte foundation.A lot of bloggers gave this product a hype. With that, I wanted to try it out it to check if it is really long wearing. Well, I have been doing makeup and tried them already to a set of girls. You see, it is really hard to tell whether a product is good or not if you get to try it only to yourself. 

I got three shades out of 4.  The shade identification is in number. I got 1,2 and 4. Actually, shades 2 and 3 are very hard to find. They're always out of stock. I went to quiapo and robinsons ermita but they were all  out. 

This foundation has no pump but instead it has a spatula. It is very unhygienic to always open the cap and expose the product inside. What do you expect for a product at P132? 

From right to left: shades 1,2 and 4.

This product is very thick. I suggest you get the right shade because if not, you'll look like you're getting ready for a Halloween costume party. It would be very obvious that you got the wrong shade. Furthermore, this product is blend-able so you might also want to blend it. Don't apply too much layers. Anyway, if you got a shade lighter and just made it thick make sure to tap on a pigmented powder foundation or powder - one near your shade. And yeah, it is not build-able.

See? If you got the wrong shade, it's fine. Blend it! Make sure you don't go layers by layers. Take time to distribute the product and set it! Mind setting this foundation since it has the tendency to run on your face after hitting extreme sweating. If you're going out to a party, pageant or somewhere that means getting haggard and stuff, I suggest you use setting spray and set set set! 

This product is great. It sticks on your face, long wearing. With the price, this isn't the perfect foundation. Don't expect it not to crease or run around your face in extreme heat. But if you're just going for a walk, take a 4 hour walk with the sunlight then this one will do. :) Just don't expect a lot.

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