REVIEW:Ever Bilena Foundation and Concealer

2:28:00 PM

I have been using this Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Foundation for so long now. I'm loving it and it serves as my everyday foundation. 

For the pros of this product: First, it doesn't caused me SKIN BREAK OUT. It is very essential that the product we use is not stressing the skin. Second, it gives light-medium coverage which isn't an issue since it is my school makeup. At most, I prefer to wear something light on my face so this works for me.

Like any foundation, after some hours you'll start to oil out. By the way, I have an oily skin. Well, It would at most last up to 4 hours on me.

My shade: Gold. 
For the concealer: 

This concealer is in tube with a tiny hole enough to squeeze the desired amount of product. The downside of this product is that it does not conceal really those pimples nor scars. It only decreases the visibility by a very small  percent. This product ended up as a primer for my eye shadows. I don't know where else I could use this.

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