Review: KRAVE

6:03:00 PM

After using the Krave products for so long, I guess I could make a review. On another note, I used the products also on photo shoots to see how it works under different parameters such as heat, skin sensitivity and so on.
Some of the products are in sample size. Well, I got all the shades.

These are the four shades of complexion perfection. My shade is Hazelnut

The three shades of Organic liquid Foundation. Unfortunately, you have to mix in order to obtain your shade. 

The two shades of Blush Krush

I love the products. Aside from being healthy for the skin, they give a smooth finish. I did a look from all the krave products and here's the finish look.

I love the products especially the complexion perfection. My face is less oily whenever I apply it. In times when I don't feel like wearing heavy makeup, I simply apply my Ever Bilena BB cream and the complexion perfection over it. :) 

Note: Will do separate review for Krave's correct and conceal. :) Perhaps update this? 

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