EOTD: Earth inspired

5:57:00 PM

Starting next week, I would be extremely busy. My thesis and reactor design defense are scheduled a week from now. The bad news is that I haven't started doing it all yet. Because I am anticipating that this would mean no blogging for me, I would post an EOTD today. This one is earth inspired. I already made a water inspired look so I guess one could guess the next look.

For the Photo Tutorial

Prime the eyes. Apply a green shimmery eye shadow all over the lid.

Apply a brown earthy color all over the crease (the area above the eye fold). Here, I used a light brown but I think it would look best with a darker one.

I am a fan of sharp winged eye makeup which is sort of obvious. All the EOTD I made, as far as I am concern, were all sharp winged. Moving on, place a tape outside the corner of the eye. At the outer corner, apply a black eye shadow. Blend.

Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara and eyeliner.

For a fierce look, I applied the eyeliner at the water line and lower lash line.

At the inner corner of the eye I applied the same green eye shadow and at the outer the same brown color.That's it for the earth eye look. 

Thank you for reading :">

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