EOTD: Korean inspired look with Nutrimetics palette

11:39:00 PM

It is difficult to find reviews and eye makeup looks using Nutrimetics palette so I decided to share how it works on me. 

This Nutrimetics eye and cheek palette is a great product. I always make sure that it's present in my makeup bag. Well, I already did a review on it. Click HERE to read .Now we will  proceed on how I use it.

To start, I chose the peach color. I applied it all over my eyelid up to the crease.

As you have seen earlier or read, the product alone looks extremely glittery. However when applied, the shimmer is not that much and is tolerable.

Excuse my eyeliner, the product is sort of running empty. Anyway, for my eyeliner I made a sharp wing. This gives the eye a fierce and strong look. After, I applied my FS mascara. 

For the blush, I used the pink one from the palette. At first, I thought it will make my cheeks shine badly. Yes there's shimmer but it isn't that bad. I see it as a highlighter but on cheeks. It's build-able but of course I don't want too much color on my face.

I also tried substituting the dark brown eye shadow and it's amazing. The color is strong and earthy.

So far this is my simple school eye look. What do you think?

Thank you for reading :">

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