EOTD: Water Inspired

5:41:00 AM

Hi I'm back with an EOTD :) Today, I did a water inspired  eye look because I had not made any that has blue as a principal color. Well, if I did one perhaps it is mixed with other colors (I really don't remember the eye looks I made. My memory is seriously deteriorated). 

The photo below is the final look.

For the photo tutorial

Start by priming your eyes. Here, I used my ELF eyelid primer. After, I applied a light blue eye shadow all over the lid. It's up to you if you want it matte or shimmer.

Next, I placed a tape to make a sharp edge for the eye look. I then applied a shimmery blue eye shadow all over the crease (the area above the fold). At the outer corner of the eye, I applied a matte dark blue eye shadow.

I also applied some of the dark blue eye shadow at the lower lash line. To finish the look, I used my FS mascara, Ever bilena eye liner (for waterline) and SanSan Eyeliner in black. 

I hope you like it! :)

Thank you for reading :">

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