Review: San San HD Foundation

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San San's new line of HD (High definition) cosmetics is a sure hit. I have seen a lot of reviews and demos within a month. I have been using the San San Matte finish liquid foundation and I just can't help not to try its improved version. I bought the San San HD liquid foundation in shade natural and San San Concealer in shade beige. 

They only have three shades. The lightest is natural followed by beige and lastly olive.


Product description

  • Excellent coverage for skin imperfections
  • Formulated with vitamins A, C, E & SPF 30 for a healthier and naturally radiant skin.
  • Oil free liquid foundation. Blends superbly with any color cosmetics for a picture perfect look.

The foundation is in a glass bottle with pump. Hooray! No more messy spills. 

The product is creamy. You have to smooth it out to achieve a more natural look. In my case, I use my fingers (See before-after photo below). Take note that its build-able so you can achieve a full blast foundation. What I mean is if you're eyeing for supreme masking of the face (See  photo above).

A close-up (with foundation)

I'm not a fan of thick foundation (if it's for daily use) so I try my best to blend the product on my face. As observed from the photo above, I applied it thinly. It's as if there's no difference. And I know it' looks lame. XD I just want to subtract some redness and refine the haggard look of my skin. If that's not you. Use a brush! it will give more coverage.

Do I love it? Yes. It gives a good coverage. 

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