Review: Suesh Hi-Def Foundation Pots

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 Final's week is over! (*Screams "One week vacation here I come!") Graduation is more visible and I can smell more makeup post  for the next term. Sweet huh? 

Today's product review is on Suesh Hi-Def Foundation in pots. I posted a haul weeks ago and it is only today that I managed to make a review.

Again, they're in pots, meaning you can't just throw away the plastic container and place them inside your makeup bag. It will really be dirty down there, scraping the product out. Since I got myself a wild peach magnettic palette, I placed them there together with the other pots of lipstick, concealer and eyeshadows. In this way, I'm actually customizing. Nobody wants to waste money on a palette wherein you won't be using everything in it. Right?

Net weight: 22 g

At the back, you will find the ingredients.

For the coverage, I must say that it is creamy, thick and the finish is dewy. It offers heavy coverage, but mind you their build-able and blend-able. For this consistency, you will definitely need a blending brush. Warming it with a finger will take a lot of work.

In this photo, I just applied their foundation in HD 08 and HD 312. The lightest and the darkest in my set.

The finish is somewhat sticky and despite the thick formula, it looks natural. Hindi naman siya nagsusumigawang MAKEUPPPPP. To add, you get a smooth and matte finish when you apply powder on top. The only setback for this foundation is that it is not for extreme outdoor activities. Pwede na sa padate date lang. :) It can get you oily after 3-4 hours. 

For the FINISH Look! 

Rating: 3/5 💄💄💄 

If interested, do check their website. Click the link. And also, don't forget to leave a comment below. ;)

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