FOTD: Rain Blues

6:43:00 PM

Product Description
Revlon 24 hour stay Foundation
Fanny Serrano Concealer in Chestnut
Nichido Final Powder
Nutrimetics Palette 
Sleek Palette
Ever Bilena Lip Pencil
Ever Bilena Brow Pencil in Brown
Ever Bilena HD Eye pencil in Soft Black

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  1. Hi there! Your blog is adorable and I'm amazed at how you could take on ChemEng and still be a stylish blog guru. You go, girl!
    Btw, I have an ongoing blog giveaway for my newly dotcommed blog. Hope you check it out and join :)


  2. Finally saw someone with the same field as me! Engg represent! :)) Youre sooo good I wish you can make a tutorial so noobs like me can follow! :)


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