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Beauty doesn't necessarily mean vanity. Applying makeup in order to look fresh and appealing isn't mere attracting of eyes for attention. Personally, I believe it shows grace amidst the stressful environment and how well we manage ourselves despite the busy schedule. Now, there are a lot of products out there to conceal our weariness and one of them is a foundation. 

Foundation gives our face a good canvass. It holds other products we wish to apply. Similar in construction of a building, the foundation should be at its finest performance because it is the base. It holds everything above. Basically, this product should stick nicely on the face for hours and withstand heat and sweat.

There are different types of foundation. There's the powder, two-way cake, cream and liquid. There are also ones for oily and dry skin type and the coverage it provides vary from sheer to full. As full time student and part-time entrepreneur, sleepless nights is as normal as blinking. Cases like this, it’s best to use foundation that covers up the exhaustion and doesn’t make one look like she toppled over a road made of flour. 

Currently, I’m using a cake foundation. This one gives a thick coverage. Sabi nga nila, pang pageant, pak na pak. This type, gives greater coverage than liquid and holds beautifully except under extreme condition. However, it gives more breakouts than the regular foundation. I only suggest this one for special occasion, events or photo shoot.

Can you spot the difference? The left side has foundation on it.  You will notice that my eye circle has been reduced  and the result is an extremely matte finish.

How do you use cake foundation? Dampen sponge and squeeze excess water. Dip the sponge into the cake pan then pat on the skin.

In terms of oiliness, as I observed, becomes evident after three hours and it requires retouching.  However, no one wants to do the retouching every now and then. To extend the staying power of this product, one should use a primer underneath and a mattifying powder over. These products help the foundation to stay in place as long as it could with lesser and controlled oiliness.

Finding the best product that suits our skin comes with a trial and error. There’s a wide variation to choose from. There’s the liquid type of foundation that is commonly used. Conversely, given the weather and humidity, it’s best to pick up a product that protects the skin, sweat proof and natural looking. 

Do I recommend this? Again, do not use this everyday since it causes more breakouts. The product is really thick and may clog your pores especially when you're an oily type. But yes, the product gives a good canvas so one would look really smooth in the pictures. hahaha 

Rating: 3/5


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