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Not everybody is fond of using corrector everyday. Let the foundation and concealer do the job right? But what if you got this extreme redness happening all over your face or perhaps you got that dark eye bags you have to reduce? As for me, I apply corrector during my breakout days. And yes! I'm putting a lot of makeup on my face. 

Well, if you are to grab some corrector, you might want to try Suesh's corrector. They're handy plus affordable. As far as I can remember, they sell for P100. To begin with, let's start with the green corrector. What is it for? The color green neutralizes red. When you are under attack by pimples and they look like volcanoes waiting to erupt, you might want to cover them especially when in an occasion. It is okay of course not to wear anything at home. Just in case you have to, see how these green corrector lessens the redness. 

Suesh's corrector

I have this zit that wants to break free and be famous. What I do to lessen the look is to apply green concealer. It will not totally hide or cover it but it will surely reduce the redness.

The orange corrector, on the other hand, is use to correct dark circles. The color orange or peach is the opposite of the blue on the color wheel, that is why it balances each other. 

For medium complexion, it is best to use salmon corrector or light orange-pink. The orange corrector will work best with those with darker skin tone. Hopefully, i'll be able to find a light-orange or pink corrector to suit my skin color.

Do you see the difference? I do look more awake with all the corrector in placed.

Rating: 4/5

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