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Shopping at the comfort of our homes is one of the best things this digital era offers. It's just a matter of few clicks that you get to choose from a wide variety of products and make a good purchase without hurting your feet. Indeed, an era of convenience and a little of no-time-to-mall. 

I have to admit that I'm one of those self-labeled "the busy women of the century" and an online beauty shop is an amazing tool to keep that vanity spirit well fed and alive. I already made different trips to different online stores and not all offers convenient shopping. 

So which online shop to go? Lo and behold, the perfect beauty site to spend a gloomy day - BeautyMNL! <3   It's the largest beauty destination in the Philippines and your one-stop-shop for all your beauty related needs. 
Check out BeautyMNL's website

Bloom Magazine is BeautyMNL's lifestyle section where you can find amazing articles, reviews, guides and tips on beauty.
As a practical woman (practicality is subjective), I read a lot of reviews before making a purchase that led me to their official magazine Bloom. This magazine is full of stories and articles on beauty that are helpful and trendy. That's when I get to explore BeautyMNL. And guess what? I was offered to experience their version of online shopping. Yey! How blessed, right? And who can resist shopping? I'm sure many of you do as well.

The Beauty Portal
BeautyMNL has lots of products to offer that I only discovered upon too much browsing. They offer a comprehensive selection of skincare, hair care and makeup products that some I haven't seen on the counters before like Skin Genie. The best part? They give you the BEST PRICE. Sweet.

These are the items that I grabbed: Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palette | Aloe Vera Refreshing Mist | Detail Eyeshadow Primer | Tresemme Styling Hairspray Extra Hold | Miss Monalisa Eyebrow Pencil

For those who have trouble choosing the right product or shade, there are reviews from real users to serve as your guide. You can also do others a favor by sharing your assessment. Honestly, I relied heavily on their review system, the reason for picking up the Eye Candy Palette and Aloe Vera Refreshing Mist. And hey, you don't get the to ask people around you for product evaluation when buying in a physical store.

If you're feeling trendy, best sellers are award stamped so you simply add them to your cart.

Order and Delivery System
Aside from Order Tracking, they will also keep you posted on any delay that may arise through email. Delays are inevitable. Well, I check both my personal and work email every now and then. This helped their customer care team with the unexpected delivery interruption. There was a slight hiccup in their site that enabled me to order a product that is unavailable. But boy, their team acts fast. They sent me an email on a Monday for some clarification and was able to ship the package the following day. You'll definitely get all the assistance you need. 
Another feature to love is the Order Tracking in your account. You won't be guessing delivery status with regards to the items you ordered. The status box will indicate if it's "processing" , "on it's way"  and "delivered".
As you can see from the photo above, I placed an order the night of June 29 (Thursday) and received it July 4 (Tuesday). 

Please be reminded that the delivery schedule runs from Mondays to Fridays only. There's no deliveries on weekends and holidays. 

The Goodies

As for the package, it came in a resealable bag with the fragile items bubble-wrapped.

What I love about BeautyMNL:
  • The website is easy to navigate and well-organized
  • Good Bargains, Best Deals and Rewards Programs
  • Different Modes of Payment such as Paypal, Credit Card and Bank Deposit.
  • Stress-free shopping with Email updates
  • Review and Articles that will help in choosing products catered by Bloom
Overall. They deliver an incredible shopping experience with exclusive deals, customer reviews and ratings, the ability to track order and so much more. These kinds of services causes the online-shopping trend to gain momentum at top speed. These should also gain your confidence to try online shopping. 

I'm happy with the whole experience with BeautyMNL especially with how they communicate with their customers. I can surely get all my beauty needs regardless of where and when. 

Ladies, now you know now where to translate that splurging urgency! And oh, sign up first. :) Thank you BeautyMNL for the opportunity to try your service! A Beauty Destination indeed. 

BeautyMNL's Website | Facebook | Instagram
Watch out! I'll be reviewing the products that I got. For the meantime, read some articles in their in-house magazine Bloom. They have daily fresh beauty news. :)

Thank you for reading :">

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