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Hi Ladies! Few days ago, I posted on my BeautyMNL Shopping Experience (Read here) and how it caters to our beauty needs, especially on those days we feel trapped in our respective beds. I mean seriously, it's raining frequently and who would want to sacrifice her outfit and shoes just to grab some products? 

Today, I'll be showing you the items that I got from BeautyMNL. Hooray for Online Shopping! ❤

These are the items that I grabbed: Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palette | Aloe Vera Refreshing Mist Detail Eyeshadow Primer | Tresemme Styling Hairspray Extra Hold | Miss Monalisa Eyebrow Pencil
Let's start off with:

1. Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palette by Pink Sugar

Pink Sugar is a Filipino beauty brand that offers high quality products. One of their highlights is that their products are free of parabens. Parabens are commonly used as preservatives in makeup, which can interfere with the body's hormone. If given an option to choose your makeup, reach for the ones that are paraben free.

To tell you honestly, I thought it's a foreign brand. Aside from being conscious with the ingredients, the packaging is catchy in embossed zigzag print.

Net Weight : 12 g
Price: P 699

You get 10 gorgeous colors perfect for Day-to-night beauty looks.
Grab yours. Click Here!

The color payoff is nice and I love that this sweetie is a mix of matte and shimmer eye shadows. All colors are definitely wearable. 

2. Eye shadow Primer by Detail Make Over

In order to intensify the colors of my eye shadows, I also grabbed the Eye shadow Primer by Detail Make Over. Detail Make Over is another homegrown cosmetic line. I have read reviews on their products and they sound amazing as if I want to get my hands on the entire collection. We'll see if I can save for it . :D 

Net Weight: 9 grams
Price: P 180

Grab yours. Click Here!

The eye shadow is from my Pink Sugar Palette
As you can observe, it enhanced the pigmentation of the eye shadow color. It brought out the vibrancy of the  eyeshadows.. Also, with the thick formula, it will make any eye makeup last longer.  It's a great steal for P 180.  

Detail Make Over is on Birthday Sale until July 31. Check them out!

3. Miss Monalisa Eyebrow Pencil by DearBerry

Kilay is Life! It is believed that eyebrows are the important facial features because they're a feature of expression. Not only that, they define your facial structure. I'm actually a brow powder user, but I reached for this product so I can test if it is beginner friendly. The testing is for my wonderful Mom.

Moving on, this Eyebrow Pencil from a Korean cosmetic brand Dearberry comes with retractable brown pencil on one end and a spoolie brush at the other end. Retractable pencil means no need for a sharpener. 

Price: P 146

Grab yours. Click Here!

Waterproof, sweat-proof, smear-proof
4. Aloe Vera Refreshing Mist (Double Strength) by Skin Genie

What I love about BeautyMNL is their wide selection of skincare products. Mostly, from Filipino brands that you won't see that much in Malls.

Well, I realized that I've been using too much makeup and less on the skin care products. That realization included this Aloe Vera Refreshing Mist (Double Strength) in my cart.

This hydrating mist is said to be formulated with 99.8% certified Aloe Vera. This should explain the somewhat vinegar smell. Putting that aside, I love how it refreshes and hydrates my skin.

Price: P 200

Grab yours. Click Here!

5. Tresemme Styling Hairspray Extrahold

We are done with the makeup and skincare, now let's see what I got for Hair product. It's not always that the face gets all the attention. With that, I got myself a strong-hold Hairspray for that salon finish hairstyle - that should complete that Plakada look.

You see, Tresemme is a popular and trusted brand when it comes to hair products. You can never go wrong.

Price: P 189
Net Weight: 75 g

Grab yours. Click Here!
This Hairspray holds my hair without giving it an electrocuted appearance. I have used many Hairspray before, but it ends up damaging my hair. With this product, I can redo curling or ironing without making my hair crunchy. Take note that I already have damaged hair so a product such as this is a game changer.

My FOTD using my BEAUTYMNL haul items.

That's it for my BeautyMNL haul! 

Thank you for reading :">

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