Review: L'Oreal True Match Blur Ceam

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The Philippine weather seems to be a matter of prediction nowadays. There are days that you get hours of extreme heat followed by hours of rain and cold. What really stresses me is how high the temperature goes up. I go out most of the time to inspect projects/plants. And it's never convenient. Sewage Treatment Plants are usually locked up in basements of buildings. It's not only hot, it smells like thousand of rotten eggs.  

I won't be complaining too long. What I want to share with you is how my makeup survives throughout the day. 

One of the secrets to a long-wearing makeup look is Primer. I believe I have reviewed Quick FX No Shine Mattifier here, but let's see if we can find it a new competitor in L'Oreal True Match Blur Cream.

This product is said to give you that photoshop-ed look

THE PACKAGING. This primer comes in a white plastic 25-ml-capacity squeeze-tube with screw-on cap. The  The narrow nozzle however, is a little problem. The nozzle can disperse a lot of product so you have to be gentle in squeezing the tube. Despite being light-weight and sturdy, I won't really say I'll bring this to my trips. But I must say that the overall packaging is travel-friendly and functional. 

COVERAGE AND CONSISTENCY. The first thing that I noticed with this primer is that, unlike other primers, this has a tint. At first look, tinted moisturizer ba 'to? With the texture of course, not. L'Oreal True Match Blur Cream is silicon based. It creates a smooth surface and gives that selfie-ready skin! When I say smooth surface, it blurs out the fine lines and visible pores in an instant. Winner! 

OVERALL.  This product is LOVE! It's a primer and a blur cream in one. It did work wonders. Now, to answer the question if it defeats Quick FX as my daily primer? Yes, it does. I tested both products. The Quick FX tends to oil up faster covering a larger  area of my face after 3 hours as compared to today's featured product. However, economically speaking and for those on budget, grab the Quick FX as it works great too without hurting the bank. 

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