Review: KRAVE

6:03:00 PM

After using the Krave products for so long, I guess I could make a review. On another note, I used the products also on photo shoots to see how it works under different parameters such as heat, skin sensitivity and so on.
Some of the products are in sample size. Well, I got all the shades.

These are the four shades of complexion perfection. My shade is Hazelnut

The three shades of Organic liquid Foundation. Unfortunately, you have to mix in order to obtain your shade. 

The two shades of Blush Krush

I love the products. Aside from being healthy for the skin, they give a smooth finish. I did a look from all the krave products and here's the finish look.

I love the products especially the complexion perfection. My face is less oily whenever I apply it. In times when I don't feel like wearing heavy makeup, I simply apply my Ever Bilena BB cream and the complexion perfection over it. :) 

Note: Will do separate review for Krave's correct and conceal. :) Perhaps update this? 

Makeup Artist

November 2012 shoot for Zielah's

10:28:00 PM

I had been away for months and it felt like it  had been a decade haha. Kidding aside, I was busy with my finals and press stuff. We were given another load which was the planner/magazine so that explains why I had not updated for so long.

Anyway, we had our last photo shoot for Zielah's Couture around last week of November. We had three photographers namely Clem Fajardo, Ralph Marcelo and Jasper Salcedo. Models were Chin Obcena and Nicole Zablan. Makeup by me of course. 

If you're interested in the style of the clothes Zielah's Couture is offering, feel free to click the link placed in the left side of this blog.

Thank you for reading :">

Makeup Artist

Pre-Pageant of Civil Engineering 2012

4:47:00 PM

Every department of the school conducts a pre-pageant to present their beautiful candidates. I was asked by candidate Leanne Bernardo to do her makeup but since the schedule of the event had conflict with my class, I did the whole thing in 45 minutes.

Here's a sample photo of what I did. I was not able to take a picture because I was in a rush.

I will try my best to look for  a better photo


and now I shall study. 

BB cream

Review: Ever Bilena BB Cream

12:47:00 PM

I have been using BB cream because it is time consuming to apply loads of makeup on my face. The  one I am using is the Ever Bilena BB Cream in shade Natural. The sales lady told me that it is the only shade left and that the color is much lighter when applied (As I asked her for a lighter one). And yes! It really is lighter so you really have to blend it well. 

In applying, I use my hands. I think it is much more effective than using sponge. When I used a sponge, the cream is building up like crazy. It made me look like "I'm wearing too much product on my face and I know you noticed!"

As stated at the back, this product is foundation, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing cream in one. This cost me P195. Not bad.

Packaging is cute. Very girly indeed.

I got their only shade in Natural. 

To add, the product is in tube packaging with a small opening. I transferred the cream in a bottle with pump. I really prefer pumping than twisting the cap.

I love the consistency of the product. It looks very flawless. It is build-able. In applying, make it quick because it dries fast. Also, it sticks on my face nicely. On another note, I have an oily face so I set with a powder. Overall, I love the product.  I use this every time I go out. No breakouts. Thumbs up! :)

Thank you for reading :">

Primadonna shoes

Primadonna SHOES

3:26:00 PM

I love Ann Curtis and the shoe brand she's endorsing! PRIMADONNA. Oh well got myself a new shoes. I will wear it and post outfit shots soon. hihihi... :*> Behold my wonderful gift to myself.

5 inches. 


Review: San San Matte Foundation

2:30:00 PM

Since I wanted to find a cheap but quality foundation, I opted for San San Matte foundation.A lot of bloggers gave this product a hype. With that, I wanted to try it out it to check if it is really long wearing. Well, I have been doing makeup and tried them already to a set of girls. You see, it is really hard to tell whether a product is good or not if you get to try it only to yourself. 

I got three shades out of 4.  The shade identification is in number. I got 1,2 and 4. Actually, shades 2 and 3 are very hard to find. They're always out of stock. I went to quiapo and robinsons ermita but they were all  out. 

This foundation has no pump but instead it has a spatula. It is very unhygienic to always open the cap and expose the product inside. What do you expect for a product at P132? 

From right to left: shades 1,2 and 4.

This product is very thick. I suggest you get the right shade because if not, you'll look like you're getting ready for a Halloween costume party. It would be very obvious that you got the wrong shade. Furthermore, this product is blend-able so you might also want to blend it. Don't apply too much layers. Anyway, if you got a shade lighter and just made it thick make sure to tap on a pigmented powder foundation or powder - one near your shade. And yeah, it is not build-able.

See? If you got the wrong shade, it's fine. Blend it! Make sure you don't go layers by layers. Take time to distribute the product and set it! Mind setting this foundation since it has the tendency to run on your face after hitting extreme sweating. If you're going out to a party, pageant or somewhere that means getting haggard and stuff, I suggest you use setting spray and set set set! 

This product is great. It sticks on your face, long wearing. With the price, this isn't the perfect foundation. Don't expect it not to crease or run around your face in extreme heat. But if you're just going for a walk, take a 4 hour walk with the sunlight then this one will do. :) Just don't expect a lot.


HBC Haul: November

6:21:00 AM

I have been searching for a foundation that will best suit Filipina skin. To add, a product that can withstand heat and will stick on the face. Well, I have been reading blogs and majority were giving a positive feedback on HBC's matte foundation. That explains me buying three shades of the said product for testing.


Will post a product review soon :)

earth eye makeup

EOTD: Classy brown

1:31:00 PM

I have been doing random eye makeup looks. It makes me feel very random and I don't like it. So I decided why not have a theme? Or batch per batch theme. With that, I will start with elements and today I'll do EARTH. :) Cross fingers haha

1. Prime your eyes then apply Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk.
2. Apply a matte brown eye shadow eye shadow all over the lid up to the crease.
3. Apply a back color through the crease and BLEND.
4. Apply a shimmery gold eyeliner at your upper lash line followed by a black eyeliner. Make sure that the gold one is still peeking out.
5. On your waterline, apply a black eyeliner and eye shadow at the lower lash line.
6. Coat with mascara!


Does it look very EARTHY?

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me. :) I started the day studying and will end it writing. So much work to do. :( I guess this day is all about wisdom and work. haha XD


EOTD: Night Inspired

6:00:00 PM

Since I wanted to do a colorful makeup,  I made a Night Inspired makeup look. I miss doing makeup for photoshoots but I have to focus in school first. Sad :( Anyway, here's how I did it.

1. Prime your eyes then apply Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk.
2. Apply a shimmery sky blue eye shadow on the center of the lid.
3. Apply a darker shade of blue through the crease and at the outer V of your eyes.

4. A little bit above the crease, apply a purple color and BLEND.
5. Apply your eyeliner on the top of lash line and on the lower  both extending out.
6. On your waterline, apply a white eyeliner.
7. Finish off with Mascara! 

For extra drama, you could add some color below your eyeliner at the lower lash line.You could also DRAW some stars like what I did. :) 


EOTD: Simple Dating Inspired

5:47:00 PM

It's ironic for me to do a Dating inspired eye makeup when in fact I'm single and not dating haha XD Oh well. I really do feel like making it :) 

1. Prime your eyes then apply NYX jumbo pencil in Milk.
2. Apply a white eye shadow over the lid followed by a pink color through the crease. 
3. Then through the crease, apply a very thin brown color or draw perhaps a line using a brown eyeliner or brow pencil (soften a bit).
4. Blend softly.
5. Get a brown eyeliner and apply on your water line and a brown eye shadow on your lower lash line.
6. Apply a liquid eyeliner or any type of black eyeliner.
7. Coat lashes with Mascara.


Sorry that my eyeliner has to be messy. As always, I rush things out since I still have tons of concept to study. As a chemical engineering student,it gives me the pain of being incapable of blogging everyday. XD yeah. :P


PHOTOSHOOT: For E-mag and etc.

1:41:00 PM

Last Sunday, I was asked to do makeup for a photo shoot. It was for Zielah's Couture. :) We're supposed to have three models that day but had 2 since the other one had an emergency. The models were Chin Obcena and Nicole Zablan. 

Some teasers. We had three photographers that day and only Jasper was able to post the edited photos early. 

Chin Obcena

Nicole Zablan

Photographer: Jasper Salcedo

I will post another set as soon as the others were done editing. Have a great day! :)

Ever Bilena

REVIEW:Ever Bilena Foundation and Concealer

2:28:00 PM

I have been using this Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Foundation for so long now. I'm loving it and it serves as my everyday foundation. 

For the pros of this product: First, it doesn't caused me SKIN BREAK OUT. It is very essential that the product we use is not stressing the skin. Second, it gives light-medium coverage which isn't an issue since it is my school makeup. At most, I prefer to wear something light on my face so this works for me.

Like any foundation, after some hours you'll start to oil out. By the way, I have an oily skin. Well, It would at most last up to 4 hours on me.

My shade: Gold. 
For the concealer: 

This concealer is in tube with a tiny hole enough to squeeze the desired amount of product. The downside of this product is that it does not conceal really those pimples nor scars. It only decreases the visibility by a very small  percent. This product ended up as a primer for my eye shadows. I don't know where else I could use this.

Thank you for reading :">


EOTD: Almost Sunset

11:17:00 AM

Hello there! I made an eye makeup look inspired by sunset. Its a simple look that you can wear in photo shoots etc. Let's start!

1. Prime your eyes and Apply Nyx Jumbo eyeliner pencil in MILK
2. Apply orange eye shadow on the inner half of your lid followed by the a lighter shade of red on the outer half. Here i'm using my 100 eye shadows ELF palette.
3. Apply a black color through your crease.
4. Apply a Black eyeliner on the top lash line.
5. On your water line, Apply a white eyeliner.
6. Finish off with a mascara! 


I don't know if it's a look you would actually wear on school :(


EOTD: Bubblegum Inspired

5:00:00 PM

For some reason, I have been watching ADVENTURE TIME. It's a good cartoon show full of crazy stuff. Since I have been liking the character of the bubblegum princess, I made a bubblegum eye makeup. :)

Note: Sorry for the quality of the photos. It was very dark inside the room and I can't seem to find a good area. :( Will do better next time.

I just wanted to show you a look inspired by a bubblegum. :) 

Ever Bilena

Favorite: Eyeliners

3:17:00 PM

After so many weeks, I finally found the time to make a new post. Hurray! I just wanted to share my favorite pencil and liquid eyeliners. 

I have been using Ever Bilena liquid and pencil eyeliners for decades (exaggerating :P). From the first time I tried these babies, I have not gain interest in trying out other brands. Of course, there is an exception for my Fanny Serrano gel liner since it is a gel liner. 

EB Liquid Eyeliner - P150
EB Eyeliner Pencil - P65

The EB  liquid eyeliner has a triangular tip which I prefer in making a Cat eye look.

Both products are very pigmented. The liquid one gives you a bold black I often use in  dramatic or even K-pop looks.  Meanwhile, the eyeliner pencil is pigmented to the point that it only takes one or two application.

When  subjected to SMUDGE TEST

When subjected to WATER TEST.

The liquid eyeliner definitely is long lasting and is water proof. It's hard to remove. Often, I end up scraping it. The pencil eyeliner on the other hand, retains its dark pigmented color good for hours also. Just avoid to rub your eyes. 

Just sharing! Thanks for reading :)

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